NGOGSD-NY “Empower Yourself: Write Your Story”

This program is focused on supporting Anti-Bullying & Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence in communities in North America and around the world by encouraging individuals who have endured bullying and domestic violence to empower themselves, through writing their own stories, to promote healing and regain control of the narrative of their lives.  Through this program we hope to inspire individuals to write about their own experiences, to provide them clarity and an opportunity to express their emotions and reframe their past in a manner that is designed to help relieve the burden of the emotional stress, guilt or other feelings that have been hidden away in order to realize that the abuse or bullying was not their fault; and to inspire others with similar experiences to do the same. As the research has shown, by providing a supportive environment for telling their own stories, the cycle of victimization can be impacted and the strain related to low self-esteem and feelings of guilt due to having suffered abuse will no longer have to be locked inside.

While recognizing that the choice to share one’s story rests solely with the individual who has experienced the bullying or abuse; NGOCSD-NY is dedicated to encouraging all who have faced abuse, bullying, mental trauma and hardships to write their stories to empower them to become an agent of change; in support of their own healing and the fulfillment of the SDGs. Through NGOCSD-NY Co-Sponsored meetings and sessions in schools and communities we support and encourage groups of all ages to engage in: Empower Yourself: Write Your Story.

For those individuals who would like to share their stories, the NGOCSD-NY hopes to host events throughout the year to celebrate these individuals’ courage, promote healing and hopefully inspire others by creating appropriate spaces for them to present their truth in written format or potentially, if they choose to, by sharing their courageous stories with a global community by giving a spoken or video presentation through the NGOCSD-NY special sessions.


The NGO Committee on Sustainable Development-NY is a 501© 3 organization of many NGO members that work through advocacy to support the implementation of the SDGs to change the culture of bullying and domestic violence.  Donations to support our programs would be thankfully received.

NGO Committee on Sustainable Development-NY Executive Board: Margo LaZaro, Mary Ann Tarantula & Vicki Isler together with our Honorary Advisers: Kehkashan Basu & Meredith O’Connor