NGOCSD-NY: SDGs Education Alliance:


In adopting the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda in 2015 the United Nations and its Member Sates adopted an ambitious agenda of 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 Targets to transform and improve the world that we live in and to ensure that we “Leave No One Behind.”  The SDGs are the blueprint for achieving a more peaceful, just and equitable world with education, both formal and informal, being the key to implementing this Agenda. The 2030 Agenda requires new ideas for sustainable solutions and/or redeployment of sound structures, tools, and concepts and adjustments to the changing nature or work, technology, conflict, globalization and natural resources.  Yet in order to support change people must recognize the reasons to do so and develop rationales and tools to make changes. Education provides these tools, helps inoculate vulnerable peoples from the economic, social and environmental changes that are occurring, and provides the environment for the development of the skills needed to adjust and achieve in a rapidly changing world.  It is in recognition of these factors, coupled with an awareness of the limited access to education for millions of people around the world that the NGOCSD-NY: SDGs Education Alliance was formed.

NGOCSD-NY SDGs Education Alliance Mission:

The SDGs Education Alliance, through programs, multi-stakeholder partnerships, advocacy, curricula development and other modalities works to promote an understanding of the SDGs and the integration of the SDGs into all levels of education; be they formal or informal modalities.  Our focus is to bring together stakeholders from various sectors for strategic partnership building opportunities and entrepreneurial engagement to support global educational projects designed to increase knowledge, understanding and implementation of the SDGs.  In addition, together we foster and highlight efforts on research and education platforms in support of the interlinked 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals to ensure we: "Leave No One Behind."

NGOCSD-NY: SDGs Education Alliance Partners:

Ms. Margo LaZaro, President & Chair of NGOCSD-NY, UN Representative of the Huairou Commission, MMUN & Global Family     Professor Vicki Isler, Executive Board Member of NGOCSD-NY, Lead of UN Delegation, Mediators Beyond Borders International         Dr. Eunhee Jung, Founder & President of IVECA International Virtual Schooling & CEO of IVECA-KOREA                                     Dr. Scott Carlin, Associate Professor of Geography at Long Island University/Post & Director, Center for Sustainability, LIU/Post          Mr. Michael Jacobson, Chair of Youth for a Better World: Montessori Model UN, Youth Impact! Forum                                                Ms. Judith Cunningham, Founder of Youth for a Better World: Montessori Model UN & Youth Impact! Forum                                 Prof. Rafis Abazov, Exec. Dir., Model UN New Silk Way; Manag. Dir. Ban Ki-Moon Institute for Sust. Dev. at Al Farabi KazNU             Mr. Manyang Reath Kher, Founder of 734 Coffee & Founder & Director of Humanity Helping Sudan Project                                     Ms. Yamile Eusebio, Secretary of Executive Board of NGOCSD-NY & Director, Global Foundation for Democracy & Development